"Czyj jest ten pokój?"

Translation:Whose room is this?

June 16, 2016



It's hard for me to hear the difference between "czy" and "czyj" - is there any trick to it?

June 16, 2016


I don't think there is, audio is sometimes... not perfect, and with the same sound coming at the beginning of 'jest', it may be a bit problematic. But "czyj" is the only option that makes sense, if it was a question "Is this room XYZ" it would be "Czy ten pokój jest XYZ".

June 17, 2016


Is it more obvious when said by humans? I'm guessing our robot overlords are slurring the words together on purpose.

August 1, 2016


Of course, when they finally overthrow people, it's better if we can't communicate well.

Well, this example sort of had some double j sound, but I think it was more or less good.

August 1, 2016


Could you also use tego instead of ten? as youre asking who the room belongs to? This genitive case is crazy difficult, i hope its for all english personnel and not just me xDDD

July 20, 2017


No, that wouldn't make any sense. Don't go too far with the 'belonging/possessing' thing. It's not that every single word which can somehow depict possession takes Genitive.

Firstly, 'ten' is just a determiner, so it has nothing to do with possession.

Secondly, normal possessives (my, your, their, etc.) also don't automatically take Genitive, they take whatever the noun takes. So "Mój pokój jest duży" (My room is big) takes Nominative for 'my room', because it's the subject of the sentence.

Genitive is used when possession would be implied in English by using "of" (a friend of my dad = przyjaciel mojego taty) or by Saxon Genitive (my brother's car = samochód mojego brata).

July 21, 2017


Kogo jest ten pokój ? Byłoby to prawo ?

January 1, 2019


No, "Kogo jest ten pokój?" is a mistake some Polish speakers make, but it's definitely wrong.

I guess you wanted to say something like "Byłoby to prawidłowo?"... "prawo" is either a form of "right" (as opposite of "left"), or it means "the law".

Also, you can't put a space before a question mark in Polish. I don't know if it's correct in any language other than French.

January 1, 2019
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