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Add gender to dictionary entries

The dictionary is extremely useful, but I still have to have a separate external dictionary tab open to look up a word's gender. That seems unnecessarily annoying - if I don't know the French word, I'm very unlikely to know its gender when I see it. At the very least, viewing the gender could be an option. Cheers!

January 29, 2013



Just chiming in to agree here. In gendered languages, it's essential to learn the gender with the noun.


Agreed! That's very frustrating when you get dinged because you should have used Der instead of Das (in German) because the word is masculine / feminine but there's really no understanding as to what makes a word one or the other.


Yes, just came here to say this. I lost hearts for mis-gendering "la chemise" and "la jupe" - I had no option but to guess at the gender because they'd been introduced without any indication of gender ("l'homme a des chemises" etc).


Would be helpful, thanks!


Yes, oui, ja, sí, and sim!


Like learning names ... always associate the first name with the last ... so Duolingo, please always associate the article with the noun in gender based languages when displaying vocabularies etc. Please add audio to vocab. lists. My brain can disassociate the article when needed. English translation to a language can become intuitive.


Yes, would love to see gender added real soon! Very much needed!


I had added a comment to this effect recently but don't see it here. I definately agree!

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