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"Если ты говоришь "во-первых", то потом надо говорить "во-вторых" и "в-третьих"."

Translation:If you say "firstly", then it is necessary to say "secondly" and "thirdly" later.

June 17, 2016



Firstly, this is the only sentence I've come across that requires non-letter symbols. Secondly, it's needlessly pedantic when it comes to perfectly serviceable alternative translations. Notice how I don't add a third point here, as an informal protest to this specific abomination of an exercise.


This question is a total nightmare because it requires a particular form of punctuation. I have found that when I type double quotation marks as required by the answer I am marked wrong. It may be that my BrE keyboard differs from an AmE one, because when I use single quotation marks I am marked as correct.


Ive just encountered this. It has never previously complained about lack of punctuation. But on this question it has marked my correct russian as wrong because I'm missing the speech markes.


You don't have to care about quotation marks here. Just leave them.


You are absolutely wrong. I typed exactly the given translation without them - and was told being wrong.


In my case, I'm supposed to "type what I hear" by clicking the buttons with the words in the right order. So there isn't even an opportunity to type quotes. I'm clicking on the right words, but it says it's wrong. Groan.


Hmm, if I switch from using the single "в-третьих" button to using the "в" button followed by the "третьих" button, now it's accepted. For cryin' out loud! (For folks learning English, that's an old-fashioned nice way of saying "For f***'s sake!")


I completely agree. I had the exact same problem.


Which platform are you using? I haven't used any punctuation marks when typing in Russian answers on Duolingo on Android and have never been marked wrong due to missing punctuation.


If you say "Firstly," then you need to say "Secondly" and "Thirdly."

Is this not correct?


I'm guessing that "потом" must appear in the sentence as "later".

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I'd say "then" already accounts for that.


I agree. "Later" is completely unnecessary in this sentence.


But то = then, потом = later. I agree "later" is unnecessary for conveying the meaning though.


The answer is already written, so I can not put anything else and it keeps showing the red 'Oops that's not correct' flag when I press continue.


In the multiple-choice exercises, sometimes hyphenated words are in one choice bubble and other times they are in separate choice bubbles, and it is beyond infuriating. It's almost as if they want me lose hearts as a punishment for using the free version! The words i chose were totally correct.


The multiple choice version of this question is broken. It will not accept the correct answer! Reported three times now.


I just had it accepted, but I got a notice saying "Pay attention to the accents."



Requiring "later" is too picky. It's implied.


I am typing exactly what the answer is supposed to be and still it says it is incorrect


I don't think Firstly, secondly, thirdly, etc. are sanctioned by the most respected style manuals. I learned one should say First, Second, Third.


Если ты говоришь во-первых, то потом надо говорить во-вторых и в-третьих. Не принято. Возможно авторы курса настаивают на кавычках.


Да, они настаивают.


I put 'later' between 'to' and 'say' and was marked wrong. Thats silly.


Please can you get rid of this sentence?


I am not a native english speaker and probably not perfect. But I use English language now during more than 45 years and I cannot remember to have heard the expressions "firstly", "secondly" and so on. What I know is "First", "second", etc. Is here some - preferable - native english speaker, who can help me out?


Firstly, secondly, and thirdly aren't incorrect, they're just a bit stuffy. They're adverbs (note the -ly ending) and so in many cases where they might appear they are, in fact, incorrect. Technically. But you'd be understood, and most people would be afraid to correct it because it sounds so formal. In the US, we're intimidated by formal-sounding usage. I'm a little surprised that you've made it 45 years without encountering firstly, et al, but you haven't missed anything important.

There are also some phrasal variations that occur a lot. "First of all" or "First off" are equivalent. But in modern usage, things are typically streamlined to just "First."

Parallel construction is not a requirement. That is, the exercise isn't really applicable in English. People say things like, "First of all, ... and second, .... thirdly, ..." and it's fine. (In business or technical writing, parallelism would be more important.)


Using the words firstly, secondly, and thirdly sounds rather vague in American English. I would never use it when in a conservation or in writing.


I imagine someone counting on their fingers,saying "firstly" with one finger extended, "secondly" with two fingers extended together, etc. You are probably better off never using them; modern style is to prefer shorter words and phrases, and "first" is shorter than "firstly".


There is total inconsistency in these questions. Here they say "firstly" but in similar questions before they say "first of all" etc. A learner is totally confused as to what DL wants.


I think this garbage question is the final straw that makes me abandon Duolingo. This Russian course is broken. There are so many bad translations, so many reports of things to be fixed but it seems even the admins have abandoned ship. I've liked this app for quick practice sessions but enough is enough. Into the bin it goes.


когда тебе очень скучно и ты начинаешь учить родной язык в приложении


"если ты говоришь во-первых то потом надо говорить во-вторых и в-третьих" почему не подошло?


Наверное потому, что требовалось перевести на английский.


Help! I can't get to the next question!!


Me too. I couldnt learn the thing parrot fashion, and must have been stuck with this question for ages!


Seems like it will only mark the answer as correct if you use punctuation :(


Needed to supply the "double quotes" punctuation.


I used exactly the answer provided but used "first of all" etc. rather than "firstly" which I don't think I've ever said in actual conversation. and во-вторых that is the actual hint given in the lesson...


This is far too long for a listening exercise.


то means "that" too right?


"Если ты говоришь во-первых, то потом надо говорить во-вторых и во-третьих"

Чего тут проблема?


В чём тут проблема

It's в-третьих, not во-третьих


a real tounge-twister for me xd


It should be right this way


This one is really confusing what are you supposed to be doing? Because whats the point of just tapping on the words if theyre already in the right order?


I wrote "if you are saying firstly" instead of "if you say firstly" and was marked wrong, then, why in the world is the phrase suggested in the hints if it's wrong???


then can immediately be followed by later in my opinion, it doesn't need to be at the end of the sentence.


I also typed exactly what I heard correctly. I was marked wrong presumably because of missing quotation marks.


Really frustrating! Wont accept correct English translation, copied from the site’s own correction. Aaaargh!!


Marked wrong for ending 'and later thirdly'


Nightmare question


... and later thirdly was marked wrong. Come on!


This question is horrible


I agree with people who reckon that this exercise is pretty dreadful. Anyway I clocked up a record number of red pings!


Also in my view the proffered English rendering is a bit stilted. How about If you say firstly, you should next say secondly and after that thirdly.


Having in the end copied out what Duo insisted on, I cleared the hurdle concerned ... but whether this sort of exercise is useful


... is another question. Sorry I failed to complete a sentence!


This is a ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ dumb question


Took me four ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ tries to phrase this in the exact way duolingo wanted, Total disaster...


I put "it is then necessary" ( a perfectly acceptable English alternative) and was marked wrong. I have reported it.


it seems impossible to solve this in the speaking exercise, the voice recognition doesn't get the numbers


Yes, this is an oft-reported bug with the app that has existed for several years now without being addressed.


No one says "it is necessary," in colloquial American-English (I also don't believe in any English dialects). Especially because the subject has already been established as "you," we would say "you need to." Even without that however, we would still most likely say "you" in the rhetorical sense. If you wanted to get really fancy, you could say, "one has to/must," but "it is necessary" sounds too bookish.


Agreed. If you start with "If you say," then it is necessary to continue with "you need to." etc.


Not trying to start anything. In your comment, you just did the very thing you're arguing agaist.


"Если ты говоришь во-первых, то потом надо говорить во-вторых и в-третых." This was rejectesd. I cannot find the error.

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It's "в-третьих" ).


Yes - this is what I wrote.


No, you have written «в-третых» when it is supposed to be «в-третьих».


Yes, sorry -I discovered it. Thanks.

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