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a little email notification bug

Hello. This is nothing serious. I'm practicing Spanish and am not subscribed to any notifications, yet today I received one that reminded me to practice English. : D

January 29, 2014



It looks like you are practicing English. Go into your settings and select I want to learn English from Spanish and turn off your notifications in your settings. Have you ever completed any translations in that direction?


But I'm not practicing English, I've never done any English lessons on Duolingo. I've done some Spanish-English and probably vice versa translations, all within the Spanish (from English) course.


Yesterday, I recieved another notification to practice English "You’re heating up. Continue your 2 day English streak on Duolingo" (email and iOS notification). I see English in my Words section of the profile (817 Spanish and 0 English words), but not in the Language levels section. Also, I cannot remove it in settings, there is only Spanish to choose from. Weird. :)

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