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"Se eu pudesse, teria dado mais dinheiro."

Translation:If I could, I would have given more money.

June 17, 2016



This translation is not natural. In English, we say "If I could, I would give more money" (present or future) or "If I could have, I would have given more money" (past). This translation mixes present or future with past tense.


DL's translation is valid. There are (1) hypothetical statements focused entirely on the present: "present condition" with "present result"; (2) there are hypothetical statements that focus only on the past: "past condition" and "past result". (3) There are also mixed conditionals as in DL's example.

"If I could/were able, I would have given more money." A lack of money is a long-term condition. It affects the past as well as the present.

Another example: If Bill's family weren't so poor, he would have finished his education.

Third section on the list.



I wrote: "If I had been able to, I would have given more money."

Is this also correct?


Yes. It's a hypothetical focused entirely on the past: a past condition in the subordinate "if" clause and a past result in the maIn clause.


Exactly! I wrote the same comment when this sentence came up on a different exercise- I agree. Indeed, I believe (though I am not positive) that it should be similar em português: "Se eu pudesse, daria mais dinheiro" VS. "Se eu tivesse podido, teria dado mais dinheiro." I don't think I ever got a response to my other comment...


I think DL is confused in this part. I wrote, "If I had been able, I would have given..." but DL didn't like it and told me I should have written, "If I were able to, I would have given..." which is just wrong. You would say, "If I were able, I would give;;;". To go with "would have given" you need "had been able".


DL's sentence is an example of a mixed conditional: present in the "if" clause, past in the result clause. See the third section on the list:


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