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Immersion problem - removing sentences

There is a problem in editing of an article https://www.duolingo.com/translation/84274d75d42f7075fe787663e07d2a97

In the end of article (of the translation) the cast section has a few sentences twice. I'm not able to remove them since it seems impossible to remove whole chuncks of text, but they really don't need to be repeated twice.

How does one fix these kinds of errors?

January 29, 2014



It's not possible right now, but we're always making improvements to the Immersion view. We'll keep this in mind. Thank you!


The translators have incorrectly placed too much text in the translation. It simply needs to be edited for the text to be removed, rather than deleting it. That is unless I misunderstood the problem.


You understood correctly, but who can fix it?

and what is the difference between me saying that I want to delete them and me saying that I want to edit them out?


Anyone who translates the document can edit it out. Even I could...


when I tried to, the sentences didn't disappear, But thank you (even though you removed the wrong sentences ;) )

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