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"Why do you not respect your mother?"

Translation:Dlaczego nie szanujesz twojej matki?

June 17, 2016



What case is this?


What is genetive again? I'm not remembering apparently.


Sooo why not Dlayczego twojej matki nie szanujesz? There were loads of these sentence-order-changing shenanigens in the negations lesson


I went through the Negations skill and I do not see any such shenanigans at all. It is pretty weird to put the object after the verb in such a sentence.


I can't find them in there now either, so it looks like I was going mad. There's a few similar things in other skills though: Ten kot jej nie lubi (from pronouns 1) Jaki chleb lubisz? (from questions) Ona ciebie nie widzi )pronouns 1 again)


The first and third examples - I know what you're talking about, but it works differently because the object is a pronoun. We teach to avoid putting any pronoun (or adverb, by the way) at the end of the sentence, if only it's possible. In those sentences it's very easy to find another place. If they were about "your mother" instead of "her" or "you", they would simply be "Ten kot nie lubi twojej matki" and "Ona nie widzi twojej matki".

You can read more about it in Part 2 here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28029344 The second example, "Jaki chleb lubisz?" - I don't see how it's relevant here, I'm afraid.


Helpful answer, as always. I'd forgotten about the pronoun rule! The second example was because it ended it a verb, but as it's a question sentence I guess that's a special case anyway.


I guess "Jaki lubisz chleb?" is fine as well, but "Jaki chleb lubisz?" sounds natural to me. Both do.


Czy wy nie szanujecie waszej matki? was my answer and it was rejected. It gave as correct the second person singular form, but I see the plural here.

Is mine wrong because I added wy ? If so, is it just in the wrong position or should it not be used at all?


You wrote a correct sentence which means "Do you not..." instead of "Why do you not...".


Dlaczego nie szanujesz matki?


OK, it's logical to assume that it's your mother, added.

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