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  5. "Maaf, bukan aku."

"Maaf, bukan aku."

Terjemahan:Sorry, not me.

June 17, 2016

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kenapa ngga pakai it's ?


That's a good question. "It's" would be used only to replace a word or phrase. Ex. A: Who is the person who has the answer? B: It's not me (It's replaces 'the person who has the answer) BUT A: Who has the answer? B: Not me.


Kenapa ga pake it's?


This should be modified to also allow "Sorry, not I." In traditional grammar, the subject form of the pronoun is required. In common use, people frequently use the object form of the pronoun when it comes at the end of a phrase, clause, or sentence, but many people still consider it non-standard usage.


Artinya apaa?? Baru belajar nji


oh man, i was typing " sorry, it is not me" :O


Kenapa ga pake it is

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