"That woman is me."

Translation:Người phụ nữ kia là tôi.

June 17, 2016



Why is the Kia after woman?

September 8, 2016


You can treat "kia" as "there"(the woman there), or you can remember that adjectival words are after the modified words

July 22, 2018


Kia is location

June 3, 2018


I'm confused by Do and kia. For "That is him" we had "Do la anh ay". For "That woman is me" we get "Nguoi phu nu kia la toi" When is do used as opposed to kia? Would "That man is him" then be "Nguoi dan ong kia la anh ay"? Do gets replaced by kia due to the specifier?

August 2, 2018


I knew kia describes something more far than này. I found something quite helpful on the internet:

*Both mean "that". You can use them interchangeably. We usually say in pair: "đây" vs "đó", "này" vs "kia" (this vs that). Moreover, "này" is said about things far from the "listener" but near the "speaker", "đó" about things near the "listener" but far from the "speaker" and "kia" about things far "listener" and "speaker".

June 5, 2019


This is how vietnamese adjectives are put in Literally "the woman that is me"

Brother my is tall Anh (của) tôi cáo

October 1, 2016


i don't get it

June 17, 2016


On a picture f. ex.: the woman (---> there) is me = người phụ nữ (---> kia) là tôi

June 5, 2018


Why is "kia" there?

September 10, 2018


Because kia means over there

June 5, 2019


Please explain how do I know that "Người phụ nữ là tôi đó." is not the correct phrasing??

January 27, 2019


Does "do la phu nu la toi" work?

May 26, 2019


Hm, not really=there is women is me (too many là, a single phụ nữ needs a classifier người ie. and the đó or kia comes after the noun) .

June 5, 2019
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