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  5. "Tôi có thể ngồi đây không?"

"Tôi thể ngồi đây không?"

Translation:Can I sit here?

June 17, 2016



Is it just me or is this really hard to understand? The "thể" and "ngồi" practically merge together. Really hard to hear them as seperate words.


I feel the same way about Spanish! It's sounds so fast! I feel you though. Honestly, it takes a lot of practice and patience. Now, I feel like I can hear each word in Spanish clearly with perserverance. I assure you, each word can be heard distinctly, but you can do it! Keep it up! =)


Well this was almost a year ago. I can hear all the words in this sentence clearly now. Thanks for the kind words. :)


Oh the app doesn't say when the comments are posted! Either way, no problem =) glad to hear you improved! =)


Oops, I can hear each word clearly.
When speaking, Vietnamese people pronounce each word clearly but we usually talk pretty fast. So it may be difficult at first for you to hear all of them.


What's may I sit here?


Easy to imagine to hear "ở đây", but you are strict here I see :)


may i sit here


In the context, can i replace the "có thể" with "được"?


I translated as "Can I not sit here?" It's perfectly normal in English but would be used in a scenario where I already sat down but someone else made me think I was not permitted.

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