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  5. "Are you Mr Lingo?"

"Are you Mr Lingo?"

Translation:Mr Lingo dych chi?

June 17, 2016



I translated it as "Dych chi Mr Lingo", and it says i should have written "ydych chi'n Mr Lingo" but I havent seen that before. Am I missing something or should I report it next time? Thanks in advance! (June 2016)


Ydych chi'n Mr Lingo is not a good option, and Duo has just deleted it! A note to clarify it has also been added to the Notes for the section.

With any question to confirm someone's name or occupation, it is always best to keep the name or occupation at the front of the sentence and the add the question mark at the end - in speech we indicate this with a rise in tone at the end of the sentence:

  • Dewi dych chi?
  • Mecanig dych chi, Dewi? Are you a mechanic, Dewi?


this was corrected to wyt ti --- why would you use the more personal "you" if you didn't know who it is?


How Do You Say "Mister" In Welsh?


As a title it is written as Mr, as in English, and pronounced as mistar or mister.


How do you say 'Mr' in Welsh?

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