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More variety of sentences please

Some of the more difficult lessons I only passed because I've basically memorized the questions and answers. I would love it if new sentences could be either submitted by users or culled from the translations done in immersion.

Another way would be to change the genders, days, months etc. How often have I seen Tuesday, Friday or February, March, April . Throw in some October's or Wednesday's or Aunts, Uncles, cousins, etc instead of friend, son, daughter, brother, sister etc...


PS Love Duolingo, never thought I could have a simple conversation in Spanish after only 4 months. All she had to do was to speak more slowly and I understood 90% of what she said. That said she was very patient waiting for me to put together my sentences :-)

4 years ago



I completely agree. I found myself with the same dilemma. I find it helpful to watch spanish movies and to read some spanish stuff. Other sites like lang-8 are sweet.

4 years ago


Actually I wasn't complaining about "silly sentences" but requesting additional sentences or at least modified versions of the same sentence. Being a software developer myself I do have an idea or two about what my request entails in terms of effort and money. They chose the business model of free distribution with no direct revenue generating stream. That is probably why there are others here who are willing to donate their time to improve the product (basic principle behind open source).

As mandysuw wrote, the product improves with these kinds of requests.

I would be more than willing to help by creating the modified versions of the existing sentences .

4 years ago