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"Bạn thích chiếc thứ năm của ấy không?"

Translation:Do you like her fifth purse?

June 17, 2016



please fix this audio.. hard to test out of a lesson when the accents and audio are so off.


yeah the "thích" sounds a bit like "thính"


What a pity it's not clear standard Vietnamese


more like "thích-n" than "thính"


Dear DL: It is VERY hard to hear the word "chiếc". I listened several times and finally gave up. The speed of the speaker is sometimes too fast for people who are trying to learn the language.


And give us the option to slow it down.


Since only the courses with speech synthesis in Duolingo can offer the slow button (turtle) then it would be better to hear the sentences with the Google Translate speech synthesis (TTS), then it is possible to hear the slow pronunciation for Vietnamese sentences. ;)


There's no reason they can't support slow speech without synthesis. They can get the voice actors to say each phrase at both speeds, or they can slow down playback with pitch correction like music apps and YouTube have been able to do for years.


I get it. I recently found out that in Google Translate, clicking the speaker icon a second time makes the speech synthesis a little slower.


a slow down like in Rosetta stone would be great. the audio is definitely unclear


Đọc nhanh quá. Người việt nghe còn chả rõ huống chi người nước ngoài. Tôi nghe thành "bạn thích chữ bí thư năm của cô ấy không". Bó tay luôn. Không hiểu sao chiếc ví thứ năm lại đọc nhanh khủng khiếp như thế làm j. Trong khi có thể đọc chậm đc mà. Có ảnh hưởng lỗi ngữ điệu j đâu


Khi nào người Việt cô gắng nói tiếng Anh vói tôi, tôi luôn luôn nói chậm để họ hiểu hơn (if I said that right).

That is the natural and polite response. Expecting non-native Vietnamese speakers to understand Vietnamese spoken very fast isn't realistic. When I talk to my Vietnamese friends who aren't fluent in English, I try to slow my replies down and use simple vocabulary and grammar to help them. They return the same favor to me when I try talking Vietnamese to them.


wow is this so fast... turtle button doesn't do anything. impossible to hear when he only half says each word.


My mans saying bantingcheevtonamcwaycone


Waaay too fast and unclear, trời ơi!


When a girl asks me about my opinion on her new purse, my standard response is to tell her that she has too many already.

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