"Gawn ni'r bil, os gwelwch chi'n dda?"

Translation:May we have the bill, please?

June 17, 2016

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Would this be used for the tab (check) in a restaurant?


In the UK, we call it the "bill" not the check. That's an Americanism.


In the Tips & Notes section, I think there is an error in the conjugation of 'ceol' in the 1st person plural. This sentence has 'gawn ni' which seems correct, but the notes state a form from 'gwneud' I think...... I've reported a mistake on this sentence but didn't have the opportunity to state where the mistake is!!!

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Thanks for the comment, that's fixed now.

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    I've been wondering for a while, would a literal translation of 'os gwelwch chi'n dda' be something like, 'If you would be so good'? Is it just an elaborately polite 'please', or are there places where it's mandatory?


    The literal translation is something along the lines of "if you (will) see well".

    It's a common expression for "please", together with the English loanword plîs. It's not elaborately polite, in my experience, but simply a normal expression. Much more, in style, like "please" than something like "if you please" which now sounds elaborate to our ears because we don't hear it so often.

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      Thanks, mizinamo, that answers my question very well. So the two forms are interchangeable then?


      You mean os gwelwch (chi'n/yn) dda and plîs?

      I believe so but I'm not certain.

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        Good enough. Thanks for your help.

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