"Chłopiec teraz się myje."

Translation:The boy is washing now.

June 17, 2016

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Can you say cleaning?


No, I don't think so.

  • (transitive) To remove dirt from a place or object. Can you clean the windows today?

  • (transitive) To tidy up, make a place neat. Clean your room right now!

Not for a person, though.


You can use 'clean' to refer to a person washing up, too, but it implies washing a specific body part, washing up plus other general grooming (e.g. brushing hair, etc.), or sometimes if it's excessive washing due to some psychological need.


The boy washes himself now is wrong?


Well, if it's "now", then it's "is washing" and not "washes", right?


without any other context i presumed it meant his mother no longer has to wash him


That would mean "myje się sam" or "myje się samemu" (sam/samemu = by himself).


Shouldn't "at the moment" also be a viable translation for "teraz"?


Yes, that makes sense. Added.


How about "The boy is washing up now"?


I asked about it and got an answer that in AmE it is "only associated with toilet usage, hands, and maybe face", and in BrE it means washing the dishes...


Does it imply that the boy is taking a bath?


Well, it's not very precise, I think that a shower is also very likely, although you could be more precise and say "bierze prysznic" (is taking a shower). Both interpretations, both a bathtub and a shower, are possible.


Hmm, "himself" is more than redundant here. Actually, it sounds as if the boy had washed something else before, and "NOW he is washing HIMSELF". But I guess that kind of contrast would need 'siebie' in Polish.


We agree, let's make "himself" just an accepted option.


I would say, "The boy is getting washed now." Is that OK?


'the boy now is washing' is wrong? ('now' not at the end). I think it maybe is clumsy English, but not wrong.


I see three possible positions for "now": At the end, at the beginning and "...is now washing". That should be enough...


I try to understand the meaning of the sentence. What kind of washing is the boy performing? Which meanings could that sentence have, if no other information is present. Could that mean for example: -he is washing himself? -he is washing a car? -he is doing laundry? -he is washing the dishes? -... other examples? thanks


He is definitely washing himself if there's no context saying anything else. You could use "himself", but it's usually omitted.


I thought I heard "Chłopiec teraz śmieje" ! And I guess I was alone in that. Still so hard for me to know where words are divided, or those subtle differences with ej, jy; hopefully it will come...

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