List of Norwegian Verbs?

Is there a page that explains what the verbs mean? With the nouns, we get pictures to help us remember but with the verbs we are just quizzed on their meaning in a very basic sentence that has no context to derive definition (like "He listens."). I keep mixing up drive and shop and am still not sure which one is which because I can't find a list somewhere. Am I missing something?

June 17, 2016


"drive VS shop" is not much tricky, just 3 same first letters: " Kjøre vs Kjøpe" (and past tense: kjørte VS kjøpte ) . But "KJOPTE" sounds more like SHOPPED so it's easy to remember Yes, that Memrise list is good

June 17, 2016


I've been using this list quite a lot to take note of specific verbs and words in general. It's just a matter of remembering them I find.

lykke til

oh wow, this is perfect! I was starting to memorize the Duolingo sentences because I repeated so much! Tusen takk : )

I like this list of verbs and have used it a lot.

@Tattamin - I get an Error 404 for this page.

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