"Die Betten sind schmutzig."

Translation:The beds are dirty.

June 17, 2016



Why does "filthy" not also work here? It may have a stronger connotation of "not clean" in English, but in the translations I see for schmutzig, "dirty" and "filthy" are the top two meanings.

July 3, 2016


What does "Betten" means?

September 12, 2016



September 15, 2016


Dirty,filthy whats the difference?

March 30, 2017


"Dirty" indicates "unclean," while filthy is a stronger sense, like "Befouled, disgusting, gross." But there is overlap, and so the question is whether "schmutzig" encompasses the meanings of both dirty and filthy (as in the translations) or not. Hence the question.

March 30, 2017


schmutzig = dirty, dreckig = filthy, but in some contexts schmutzig can mean filthy, for example du hast eine schmutzige Fantasie! = you have a filthy mind

October 10, 2017


What is the rule for saying Das Die or Der?

August 9, 2016


Generally- "der" is used for referring to male nouns, "die" for female and "das" for neutral ones. There are different rules when the sentence changes a bit (for example, you'll say "das Mädchen" for singular but "die Mädchen" for plural and it gets quite confusing (at least to me) along the way, but you'll learn it in future lessons. Which you may have already gotten to since your comment is 4 months old ;)

December 16, 2016


How did you know that the comment is old as their no date is mentioned

December 7, 2018


On the website, you can see relative date-stamps on comments, e.g. "1 year ago, 11 minutes ago, just now, yesterday" etc.

December 7, 2018


The articles also change of the case of the noun changes

June 7, 2017


For example, we can say der Junge, die frau, but " die Jungen/frauen". And das Wasser

August 14, 2016


I can't actually see the words to select from!

June 8, 2019


I accidentally typed "The beds ar dirty" just because I forgot the E in Are, doesn't mean I don't understand what is being presented and shouldn't be counted against me.

June 30, 2019


doesn't mean I don't understand what is being presented and shouldn't be counted against me.

Duo is pretty stupid; it can just match answers against a list of translations it has been told are correct. It doesn't actually understand English or German.

Perhaps you may be happier with a human teacher.

June 30, 2019


Sounds like decken

July 10, 2019


well I wrote the beds are unclean and it was wrong ........

July 19, 2019
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