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  5. "Das Paar"

"Das Paar"

Translation:The pair

January 29, 2013



I thought Paar means few? In other examples "Paar" is few....now I'm wrong coz it means pair? :O


Those are two different things. Das Paar = the pair, the couple. But: Ein paar Tage später translates to some or a few days later. minor and no article = some, few, a couple of, while a pair of shoes still is 'ein Paar Schuhe', because it's two of them. :)


To reiterate: pay attention to whether "Paar" is capitalized or not!


But either way we use the neuter ein, no matter what the gender of the pair / couple of things is, right?

[deactivated user]

    It seems so, yes.


    It is the gender of Paar that matters (and Paar is neuter) not the gender of what sort of thing there is a pair of.


    Cool, thanks. I think I get it now


    Few means "wenige".


    Pair means 2 feq means 3 or more


    Could "Paar" be used to refer to two people in a romantic relationship?


    Yes, like saying "They are a couple" in English: Sie sind ein Paar. You can be cute about it and say Pärchen, or specify they are married with Ehepaar.


    the pair of socks or what?


    Socks, cards, people, unspecified nouns, etc. Whatever you like.

    [deactivated user]

      Is Paar used for romantic relationships, friendships, or to describe quantity?


      It can be used for romantic relationships but also for all things e.g. shoes, socks, that usually come in pairs


      When pronouncing Paar is the R at the silent?


      Yes, the "r" is silent, because most of the times, when you find in a word the letters "ar", it's pronounced as a long sound of "a". (NOT the long sound of "a" in English, but a long sound of the short sound of "a" in English.)


      Forvo has some recordings of native-speakers.

      This is also an example of the variation in English accents. Australian English would not pronounce the 'r' either, but most US accents would. See the Forvo page for "par" in English as an example.


      Why is this considered as an error if i translate it as "couple"?


      The robovoice is terrible here. I couldn't make out the word 'Paar' at all. It sounded like 'blah' no matter the speed or number of times I listened.


      what is wrong with "the couple". I was marked wrong


      Not recognising correct spoken answer


      in a conversation, the context is always sufficient to differ each other? Or it is common to say "Ich habe ein paar Bücher - ja, zwei Bücher - ...".


      If you have 'ein paar Bücher' it's clear that you have a few of them. If you would like to specify that you have two books, then you say 'zwei Bücher' not 'ein Paar Bücher'.

      'Ein Paar' is usually only used for things you can pair off so to speak, like 'ein Paar Schuhe' ('a pair of shoes'), or 'ein Paar' ('a couple', as in people in a relationship).


      would 'i have a few pairs of shoes' end up being ' Ich habe ein paar Paar schuhe.'? sounds silly like when we say 'had had' or 'do do'.


      Or for another beautiful German example, "I know that that is that" would be "Ich weiß, dass das das ist" so that is 3 das's in a row! (Yes i know one is actually a dass but it is pronounced the same)

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