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  5. "He likes the zoo."

"He likes the zoo."

Translation:Anh ấy thích sở thú.

June 17, 2016



When do you need a classifier and when not?


I don't know either!!! well, maybe in some cases people use classifier just because they get used to it


The information is in the Tips & Notes Section in Animals 1. Usually, when people refer to a specific noun, such as a specific cat or dog, then you would use a classifier. When you are referring a quantity, then you also use a classifier. But when you are talking about all cats or dogs in general, then it is not required to use a classifier.


Does anyone know the correct classifier for sỏ thú?


You can use "cái" for it. But people hardly ever use classifiers for this word.


Is there a certain classifier for places, or does Vietnamese not have one because people do not use classifiers for places?


Does anyone know an animal classifier?


Vertebrates have a back bone and only make 5% of the animal kingdom. Invertebrates don't have a back bone and make 95% of the animal kingdom

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