"Oes tâl am y bag plastig am oes?"

Translation:Is there a charge for the plastic bag for life?

June 17, 2016

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An explanation of the the idea of a 'bag for life' in Britain has recently been added to the section notes.


thanks. i figured it out eventually though i would just use the word "reusable" ;)

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A bag for life is offered by some supermarkets in the UK for a small charge. This can be reused and they will also replace it, free of charge, when necessary, hence the term 'bag for life'. The supermarket will often have a selection of reusable bags for sale. They will not all be bags for life.

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    could 'oes tal' also be translated as 'how much'?


    No. Oes...? is asking about the existence of something = 'Is there a...?'; 'Are there...?'

    • Oes tâl? - Is there a charge?
    • Oes teigr yn y lolfa? - Is there a tiger in the lounge?
    • Oes mefus yn y treiffl? - Are there any strawberries in the trifle?


    Of course theres a charge! Thats yhe whole point!

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