"It is not easy to have a scholarship of that school."

Translation:Không dễ để có một học bổng của trường đó.

June 17, 2016

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What purpose does 'để' serve here? I omitted it.


It honestly doesn't matter. Hopefully Duolingo can fix that!


They still mark it as wrong in 2022... Trời ơi


“scholarship of that school” uses the incorrect preposition. It should be “from” or “for” depending on where the scholarship is coming from.


It's usually "scholarship FROM that school" in American English.


That's true, but that structure in VN it would probably sound strange.
Duo 'Vinglish' has its merits.


Is there an effective way to state "it is" at the start of a sentence or is it largely not needed like it is here? I tend to use "it is" a lot in English.


In English, we can use "it" as a dummy subject. But in Vietnamese, we don't do that. We skip this dummy subject and the sentence will start at the adjective or the negative indicator "not". This make the Vietnamese sentence not have the subject.

For example:

  • It is not easy to have a scholarship of that school.
    -> Không dễ để có một học bổng của trường đó.
    (Literally, Not easy to have a scholarship of that school.)

  • It's really nice to meet you.
    -> Thật vui được gặp bạn.
    (Literally, Really nice to meet you.)


Can 'cho' be substituted for 'của'?


also accepts trường học

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