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"Chyba wybraliśmy dobre rozwiązanie."

Translation:We have probably chosen a good solution.

June 18, 2016



"We probably have chosen a good solution"? This seems just as good as "We have probably..."


Yeah, I believe so. Added now.


why not : probably we have chosen a good solution


That doesn't seem to be a good word order in English.


Actually, that is perfectly normal English. Regularly we will start a sentence with an adverb -- e.g., these sentences... :-)

Technically, there should be a comma after the adverb "regularly" though. (oops, I did it again) :-)


The problem with commas is that firstly, Duolingo ignores them, and secondly - it always seems to me like it's a bit different sentence if English introduces a comma that wasn't there in Polish.

But anyway, we decided to accept it here.


"we think we chose a good solution" no good?


Hmmm. I see your point, because we often translate "chyba" to "I think" and this is a 'we' sentence. But I'm not sure if this 'I think' is an equivalent of 'We think' here. "chyba" as "I think" is just not that literal, it's more of "I think" as a... phrase.

But... well, I guess there's no harm in adding it anyway.

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