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Chríochnaigh mé mo chrann na Gaeilge!

[deactivated user]

    I ndeireadh na dála, chríochnaigh mé mo chrann na Gaeilge. Níl féidir liom labhair an Ghaeilge, ach tá níos agam go bhí agam roimhe.

    Tá an teanga sin an-chrua. Níl féidir liom cuimhneamh focail go éadrom agus tá an gramadach iasacht.

    Áfach, is maith liom an teanga agus déan staidéar ag an Ghaeilge níos mó.

    June 18, 2016



    Comhghairdeas leat!

    Rinne mé cuardach Google, ach ní bhfuair mé Out of the Silent Planet as Gaeilge. :D
    Fuair ​​mé ach an leabhar, An Leon, an Bandraoi agus an Prios Éadaigh.
    (and thought that might not be interesting to you)

    So... here instead is Béic Amach - "Shake it off" le Taylor Swift as Gaeilge.
    Nothing to do with travel in space or time, but these folks did a great job and the words and translation make it possible to follow along. You can learn a lot from the Irish lyrics.



    Comhghairdeachas leat, a chara! Ar mhaith leat ceartúcháin?

    I ndeireadh na dála, chríochnaigh mé mo chrann Gaeilge.

    Not sure about this one, but I think 'Irish' here is used more as an adjective, so you wouldn't need na Gaeilge. But, I'm not 100% sure since Gaeilge is a weird word when it comes to the article in the genitive.

    Ní féidir liom an Ghaeilge a labhairt, ach tá níos mó agam ná a bhí roimhe.

    an Ghaeilge a labhairt is how to say '(to) speak Irish'. And you need Ná a there. Roimhe works assuming you mean 'before it (finishing the tree)"

    Tá an teanga sin an-deacair

    I learned that crua can't be used for 'hard' in that case; it's a physical attribute, so use deacair. It do want to say good job on knowing to lenite crua however.

    Ní féidir liom cuimhneamh ar fhocail go héasca agus [tá an gramadach iasacht].

    cuimhneamh ar and go héasca for 'easily'. I'm not sure what you mean by Tá a gramadach iasacht

    Áfach, is maith liom an teanga agus déanfaidh mé tuilleadh/níos mó staidéiar ar an nGaeilge.

    You'd put the 'more' before 'study'. I prefer tuilleadh there, but níos mó would work as well. déanfaidh mé (or déanfad) would be needed for future tense.


    Ní féidir liom an Ghaeilge a labhairt, ach tá níos agam ná a bhí agam roimhe.

    Can you really use níos on its own, without an adjective? I would expect níos mó here.

    Related question: Is it possible to express "more" with something like "tuilleadh" or "breis" instead in this context? Especially with the relative clause that is needed?

    [deactivated user]

      Is maith liom iad. Tá mo Ghaeige dona.


      Yes, mo chrann Gaeilge would be used for “my Irish (language) tree”, since in this case it’s a genitive noun being used as an adjective.

      Tá an gramadach iasacht means “the grammar is strange/unfamiliar”.


      I'm just going to highlight one correction that galaxyrocker made, but didn't comment on, because it's a common mistake, and one that you will want to remember.

      You said Níl féidir liom, but remember that Níl comes from ní fhuil, and is only used as the negative form of . The negative form of Is (as in Is féidir liom) is always , never nil.

      Oh, and Congratulations!

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      Anois, bí labhairt le gaeilgóirí eile agus bí ag foghlaim i bhfád níos mó.

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