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  5. "Vi hører en jente."

"Vi hører en jente."

Translation:We hear a girl.

June 18, 2016


[deactivated user]

    I feel that the pronounciation of "hører" varies in Duolingo. Anyone else or only me? How does one properly pronounce it?


    It sounds good to me in this example.

    Note that the pronunciation of words can change depending on how quickly you say them, and which sounds they're surrounded by, just like in most other languages.


    how come she uses en jente here, and in other cases uses ei jente? thanks


    Just to show you that there are two options.


    I swear it's difficult to tell when you have to put Jenta or jente? woman's voice pronounces it the same?


    'en jenta' is grammatically incorrect anyway, but there is an audible difference between the two.


    jente's last e sounds a little bit opener than a casual schwa, is it the right way to pronunce it? otherwise it's going to be really hard for me to spot the difference between both central and back open unrounded vowels :(


    I always run into trouble with tenses in phrases like this. How do you tell present and past tense in Norwegian?


    Most present tense verbs end in -er.

    If you use the browser version of Duolingo, you should check out the Tips & Notes for the different verb skills.


    i feel like it gets easier to learn norwegian when you already know german and english. høren is just like hören


    I always pronounce things wrong learning Norwegian, but when I'm learning Spanish I pronounce most things right.


    That's because Spanish is a phonetic language, while Norwegian, much like English, gets a little trickier.

    Keep listening to Norwegian media, and you'll get a hang of it. It's all about exposure.


    I've also seen "ei jente." Is there some rule for these two different usages?


    You can use either; 'ei jente' eller 'en jente'.


    Very hard to notice Jente and Jenta... I think just practice makes perfect.


    It's like german ö.


    Another possible answer to this question migh be 'we are hearing the girl'

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