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"He is cooking lunch at the moment."

Translation:Anh ấy đang nấu bữa trưa vào lúc này.

June 19, 2016



Why is "Anh ấy đang nấu ăn bữa trưa vào lúc này" marked wrong?


Hiện tại anh ấy đang nấu bữa trưa should probably be changed to be accepted.


bữa ăn trưa and bữa trưa are the same?


They are the same.


what about ăn trưa? Anh ấy nấu ăn trưa


"nấu ăn" and "ăn trưa" are correct but should not be combined as "nấu ăn trưa". People would still understand if you say it though.


I'm surprised at that. I mean, you can say, nấu rau, nấu món mí ý, .... would nấu trưa be less confusing? In the class I'm in, we never refer to lunch as bữa trưa, just trưa. Same with other meals. I'm trying to reconcile the two sources of information.


"ăn trưa" exists but "nấu trưa" sounds strange to me. Unless the speaker intentionally tries to shorten the sentence by dropping "bữa".


this is too inconsistent. Sometimes it is correct to follow the pattern 'at the moment his cooking lunch', sometimes it is marked incorrect to have the pattern 'at the moment... is cooking...' in the one sentence.

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