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  5. "Cái bánh bạn làm ngon thật!"

"Cái bánh bạn làm ngon thật!"

Translation:The cake that you make is really delicious!

June 19, 2016



Is this an exception to the rule that thật usually goes before the adjective?


Yes it is an exception. "thật" still plays as an adverb equivalent to "very", but a lesser degree so it's best to use "really". "thật" at the end of the sentence also attaches an emotion with what it's indicating (could be positive, negative, sarcastic...) (e.g. ngu thật, đau thật, chán thật, vui thât...)


Can we also have "The cake you make is really delicious!" as one of the answers? We wouldn't really use "that" in English for a sentence like this.

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