"Чому ти хочеш іти на цей мітинг?"

Translation:Why do you want to go to this demonstration?

June 19, 2016

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Why do you want to go to this protest? Protest is more widely used than demonstration by a mile.


Seems like мітинґ is a cognate borrowed from "meeting" and so one of its meanings might be "meeting". However there are already native Ukrainian words that mean this such as зустріч.


мітинг and зустріч are not really synonyms.

мітинг in Ukrainian is usually a form of a peaceful protest - it's something like a demonstration, but more static - you usually don't walk anywhere, just gather at a square for that, and you usually stay there. As such, it can be translated as demonstration, protest, rally, sometimes as meeting, yeah.

зустріч is a more neutral word which is used for people who assemble for work and leisure. I wouldn't use мітинг & зустріч interchangeable - for example, I would never call it зустріч if I talk about мітинг під стінами Верховної ради, and I would never say мітинг when I talk about зустріч із друзями в кафе.

Having said that, in the modern business culture some might use мітинг to mean a work meeting, which sounds ugly to me (unless you're used to it)


Thanks for clarifying, Denis.


Не розбірливо звучить "іти" чи "піти"


How do i pronounce the г on the end of this word? It feels wrong no matter what I do...

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