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Are there well-known movies that are translated into Irish?

Once I've read somewhere that the Star Wars saga has an Irish translation, but I cannot find it anymore. Is there a list of translated movies somewhere?

2 years ago



I've watched some Harry Potter movies dubbed into Irish on TG4 and SpongeBob An Scannan: SpĂșinse As Uisce was shown in some Cinemas in Ireland last year, but I've no idea how you would get to see any of them now.

2 years ago


I recently purchased "The Song of the Sea" DVD. It contains neither an irish dub nor subtitles on it. I thought if there's any movie where I would expect to see an irish version, this one would be it.

Now, it seems like there is actually an irish version out there. Somewhere. But apparently they just make it near impossible to get it for whatever reason.

2 years ago


https://www.cic.ie/en/general/other/the-song-of-the-sea says it has an option to watch in Irish or English.

1 year ago