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"An avenue is a very wide road."

Translation:Aleja to bardzo szeroka droga.

June 19, 2016



Is this true of Poland? Here in Canada an avenue is a road that runs east to west and a street is a road that runs north to south


Really? I have never heard about anything like that o.O

Generally yes, 'aleja' is supposed to be wider, but sometimes it may just be a name without a real reason.


Also applies in parts of the USA. In Manhattan, NYC, "Avenues" run (approximately) North-South, and "Streets" East-West. This undoubtedly differs by city.

Fun fact - Milton Keynes, near to where I work, has numbered "V" roads and "H" roads which (approximately) behave the same as Manhattan's "Avenues" and "Streets".

("Vertical" and "horizontal", respectively)


A better translation for aleja would be "canopy road" or "tree-lined road".


This is one meaning of "aleja", but in cities it actually is indeed just a very wide road, probably with no trees.


What should the sentence be if you use "jest" instead of "to"?


Aleja jest bardzo szeroką drogą.

"bardzo" as an adverb doesn't change, "szeroka droga" as a noun phrase goes into Instrumental.


"Aleja" is "Allee" in German, sounds very similiar :)


why is it not possible to say 'aleja to bardzo szeroka ulica'?


According to other comments/explanations in this forum thread, and in other threads, there is some distinction in this course between a "road"("droga") and a "street"("ulica").


Jellei, you won't be surprised that I was surprised that Duo rejected "Aleja to bardzo szeroka ulica". (I wrote about road vs. street in another thread.)

To an Englishman living in Germany, Duo's English sentence is ... confusing. My definition would be: "An avenue is a road lined by trees" ("Eine Allee ist eine von Bäumen umrandete Straße"). There were many such main roads in East Germany (former GDR) before they were widened after German unification to improve traffic flow.



(1.1) droga wysadzana po obu stronach drzewami lub krzewami; zob. też aleja w Wikipedii (1.2) szeroka, reprezentacyjna ulica

So 1.1 is the same that you mean, but here we have 1.2.

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