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"Den journalisten er kjøpt og betalt."

Translation:That journalist is bought and paid for.

June 19, 2016



does this mean that the journalist has been paid to give only one part of the story


Correct. (Unless of course someone paid to give a story a neutral and objective viewpoint, but that wouldn't be what most people associate with the expression.)


Please, Deliciae (or someone equally great at explaining Norwegian grammar!) would you explain why passive isn't used in the Norwegian version of this sentence? Thank you.


I hope that I can help a little. Passiv in Norwegian can have these forms (well, my book "Stein på stein" says it). I take the verb kjøpe to make examples.

Presens: blir kjøpt / kjøpes Preteritum: ble kjøpt Futurum: skal bli kjøpt / skal kjøpes Presens Perfektum: er kjøpt / er blitt kjøpt / har blitt kjøpt Pluskvamperfektum: var kjøpt / var blitt kjøpt / hadde blitt kjøpt

So "er kjøpt" is passiv in Norwegian.

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