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"We do not sleep in the bedroom."

Translation:Nie śpimy w sypialni.

June 19, 2016



So then what do you do in the bedroom...


what's the difference between sypialni and pokui? Earlier lessons also used pokui to refer to bedroom.


I'm afraid that you clearly got one word quite wrong. "pokui" is not a word, you mean "pokój" (Nominative singular) or one of its cases (see them here).

"Sypialni" is the Genitive singular from 'sypialnia' - meaning the bedroom.

"Pokój" is simply 'a room', any room.

If this sentence was "We do not sleep in the room", that would be "Nie śpimy w pokoju."


Does w always pair with genitive (learners beware, I was wrong, it was locative)? Or are there other uses with other cases?


I cannot think of an option when it pairs with Genitive. This is Locative and it's the most common situation. When "w" just means "in", "inside", you use Locative.

There are also situations when it takes Accusative, like with days of the week (and the word 'weekend'), and when it denotes some... movement 'into' something, although English won't necessarily use 'into' then.


oh, whoops. my grammar is awful as you can see. I have to find a book.. the course here does not give notes after the first skills :( have a lingot, thanks!


How about "w ciągu"?


That's still Locative. W kim? W czym? W ciągu. (In whom? In what?)

Those questions aren't probably helpful to learners unless they're quite advanced, but this is how we recognize what case is needed when it's not that clear at first glance.


OK, "w ciągu" is Locative, but what follows it is Genitive? - "Zadzwonię w ciągu tygodnia"?


Yes, you're right.

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