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"Tôi muốn biết họ sẽ chạy lúc mấy giờ."

Translation:I want to know what time they will run.

June 19, 2016



at what time should be valid too


In English, this sounds like talking about their race times, rather than when they are running.


How will the sentence sound like if I replace "run" with "jog"? May I know?


To a certain extent, the different semantics of "jog" do change the sentence because of course jogging cannot be competitive that way.

However, the bigger problem is a lack of a preposition ("at"). I want to know what time you are running at (more natural) / I want to know at what time you are running ("better")

If I say: -What time will Usain Bolt run in Rio? - I am asking about his race time.

-At what time will Usain Bolt run in Rio? - That is the same as asking when he will run.


Of course, context matters a great deal. If I ask my jogging partner "What time are you running tomorrow?" then that sounds like asking when.


"when", "at what time" and "what time" are all the same


What time they will go running was not accepted as well.


I hear "sẽ" so blurry in the sentence


"I want to ask them what time will they run" zapped as wrong, and it should be accepted.

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