I just went back and clicked on a really old lesson for no apparent reason (verbs present 1, I believe), and saw that "podéis" is a word in one of the lessons. It isn't actually in the lesson (I repeated it to make sure), but anyway: is Duolingo in the process of adding vosotros?

4 years ago

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"Vosotros" and the corresponding verb conjugation is used mainly in Spain, in latinamérica that is almost never used.

4 years ago

I think they have been adding/accepting 'vosotros' type responses for quite severayl months or more.

4 years ago

I have never seen vosotros on Duolingo, ever.

4 years ago
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What do you mean by that? They accept many translations using vosotros, but they don't teach it. Whenever I can, I use the "vosotros" or "vos" (second person singular, Argentina) so that I can report it. They usually accept vosotros, but it still needs some work.

4 years ago

Ahh, now I understand what you mean. None of Duo's actual sentences teach it - that's what I meant. But I'm glad they accept it. In that case it's weird that podéis is in the list of "words taught" in lesson 3 of verbs present 1.

4 years ago
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