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  5. "Anh ấy đọc tạp chí Mỹ."

"Anh ấy đọc tạp chí Mỹ."

Translation:He reads an American magazine.

June 20, 2016



why is it allowing "an" as an answer when the is no "mot" in the sentence?


Vietnamese is very forgiving. Use môt when you want to emphasize "one." So the sentence above, "he reads American magazines" should be fine as well.


I'm actually aware of this in practice as I live in Vietnam but Duolingo (or at least VN team) is generally being more restrictive. On other occasions using the indefinite article rather than the definite article has been marked wrong on my translation or the fact that omitted it entirely yet in other instances it is being allowed.

I'd just like to have some consistency for my practice


It might be because the course is still in beta and not every alternative answer has been added yet. Try reporting if you think your answer should be correct.

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