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  5. "I am sorry!"

"I am sorry!"

Translation:Tôi xin lỗi!

June 20, 2016



I wonder why they only say "Xin lỗi". They should have the "I am" before it!


Both should be accepted. To show respect and politeness, one would use appropriate pronouns (em, cháu, con...) to address when apologizing others with higher social status.


Should be "tôi Xin lỗi."


if xin loi is just sorry, surely with the I am would mean you need to add toi la. so I am sorry would be toi la xin loi


You are almost correct. The only error is the "là". Là is used when referring to What something is.

This is that, (and) that is this.

Cái đó là cái nầy, (và) cái nầy là cái đó.


So Là is more about the inherent quality of something? So not a temporary state. For example "She is sorry"? Thanks.


I would say that là is used for concrete/physical things, such as "that is a rock", or "i am a woman", and should be removed for things like emotions or adjectives, "i am rich" → "tôi giàu" and "she is sorry" → "cô ấy xin lỗi"


là isn't used when bridging the subject with an adjective. For instance, we wouldn't say Tôi là giàu for "I am rich". It would seem that in Vietnamese, sorry is considered an adjective. Thus, Tôi xin lỗi.


that's what i thought too


Who know sorry who


Toi xin loi is correct why does it say incorrect ?

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