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Beta phase and word list/strength

Hi, I've just started working through the new Welsh course and I note that it is missing the "Words" and "Immersion" options from the navigation bar. I am also pleased to note that as yet none of my strength bars have faded (it is only day 3 though). At what point will these options be added to the course if ever?

Also, am I expecting the strength to fade at some point (people have been reporting dramatic fades in other languages) or is this still disabled while beta testing is ongoing?

June 20, 2016



There are no 'words' and 'immersion' options, and yes, strengths will fade.


Words and Immersion are not always added in the beta stage and on top of that Duo is considering dropping Immersion altogether because it is no longer playing an important role of their income stream. At least they are running A/B tests on the removal of Immersion so it may not be arround for much longer.


Thanks. It's nice to know that things are as they should be.


See here which courses have the "Words" tab.
And see here to learn more about immersion, to complete psionpete's explanations.

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