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Suggestion: Gracefully stepdown from flash and offer the audio file

If you cannot run flash on a machine (I cannot on this one) it's quite irritating to have points docked for skipping questions where you're unable to hear the audio.

Just offering the audio is enough, but a HTML5 audio stepdown would also work quite well

June 12, 2012



If Duolingo is not made compatible with iOS devices, like the iPad, you will be missing out on a whole slew of users!


@powiedz: No need to when you have a perfectly viable solution to this problem (HTML 5, like the OP suggested). This would help bring duolingo to iOS devices, like the iPad. too.


Shari, indeed. The interface is already tablet friendly as is. This small detail would open up a whole new market. There's no reason I can think of for not implementing the soundbytes as HTML5 audio with a flash fallback (in this day and age the necessity of a flash fallback is disputable, even).


Good idea, would also fix (or sometimes hide) problems related to flash plugin issues. Some (including me) currently can't hear the French audio, which makes it pretty much unusable.

@Powiedz: I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to learn how to speak a language (in my case: French). Speaking a language is more than being able to spell it's words.


Same issue here. No flash, I was very happy when I discovered this great website....and then disappointed when I noticed that Flash was required to do audio exercices :(


I completely agree, some of us purposely choose not to use Flash because it isn't free software, this makes the site inaccessible to people like me.


I completely agree. I was baffled why it wasn't working on my tablet but now I understand. Please add support for a flash free experience.


Audio playback works fine on my iPhone in Safari or Chrome, so it cannot be Flash.

Besides, there is an iPhone app and there will be an Android app soon. Both are not optimized for tablets yet, though, but this is also planned.

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