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  5. "Do you own this?"

"Do you own this?"

Translation:Ti sy biau hwn?

June 20, 2016



Where can i find the course notes? I wasn't aware of these


On the web version, when you click a topic, a box appears with the 'Start' button. You'll see two smaller buttons just above it, one with a light bulb on it and anther with a key. Click the one with the light bulb to get to the notes for that topic. The light bulb button is missing in the phone app.

Or there is a full set of notes in one page here: https://duome.eu/tips/en/cy


You have a typo. Ti sy biau hon?


Since 'this' is a thing of unspecified gender, hwn is the one to use.


wyt ti biau hwn? . Would that work also?


No. As explained in the course notes, biau is a very unusual defective verb that is only used in an emphatic pattern in the modern language.


Why is it 'hwn' and not 'hyn' as we don't know what it's referring to?


When refering to a physical thing of unknown grammatical gender it it usual to use the masculine pronoun.


So what is 'hyn' used for?


hyn is used as a demonstrative adjective with plurals:

  • y cathod hyn - these cats

As a demonstrative pronoun like hon or hwn (this, this one), it is used for intangible things:

  • Mae hyn yn wastraff o amser. - This is a waste of time.
  • Pryd digwyddodd hyn/hynny? - When did this/that happen?


except that in a really similar question earlier in the same lesson "hyn" is marked as an acceptable answer rather than a typo.


Hon is also accepted - is that the feminine pronoun?

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