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"Morgan, dych chi wedi codi eto?"

Translation:Morgan, have you got up yet?

June 20, 2016



Have you gotten up yet.


I googled this and 'gotten' is American dialect. Both answers are being accepted. Being American myself, the British 'have you got up' sounds very strange to me, but they must think the same about 'gotten'


I am a Welsh born Canadian so ive learned 3 dialects of English, two of which forbid gotten. The word gotten sounds very weird to me


I spent over 20 years in the Midwest and have spent the last 20 years in California. I agree that 'gotten' is an awkward word, but correct in American English. I usually avoid using it and would phrase a sentence differently in order to avoid it. One instance I would use it though would be 'I've gotten many compliments on my shoes", but even that could be changed to 'received' or 'been given'. When it comes to discussing 'getting out of bed', I'd often used a different tense or ask a different question to avoid it. "Did you ever end up getting out of bed??". I mean, really, if you are having to ask, why not give them a hard time about it!


Why can't this be "Morgan, did you get up yet?"


That's a different tense:

Dych chi wedi codi eto? "Have you got up yet?"

Godoch chi eto? "Did you get up yet?"


Can "codi" mean both "got up" as in getting out of bed, and "got up" as in getting off the floor?


Yep, codi has lots of "up" meanings - "get up (from lying, sitting etc.), pick up, raise, rise, uplift, elevate, erect, build" and so on. It's a very useful word.


I've always thought yet is used for negative sentences in English, shouldn't that be "got up already"?

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If I was surprised to see Morgan out of bed early in the morning I might say "Morgan, have you got up already?!" If I was on the phone talking to Morgan and I couldn't tell whether he was lying in bed I would ask "Morgan have you got up yet?" I'm British, it's possible that in other parts of the world the usage might be slightly different.

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