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"Bez technologii nie ma społeczeństwa."

Translation:Without technology there is no society.

June 20, 2016



"...there would be no society" would be better, albeit grammatically more complex.


That would be „Bez technologii nie byłoby społeczeństwa”, though. ;)


Closer to what folks would actually say, though :-)


Probably, but I do not make decisions about what is and isn't accepted in the course, that is Jellei's job – on Polish for English speakers forums, I'm just a moderator. ;)


Well, it's grammatically different, so even it it's more probable, that's just a different sentence :)


Well yeah… but it's easier to just blame it on you. :P

Seriously though, as far as I know, we do accept some "grammatical drifting"(if you will), but only closer to the end of the trees and since I don't know where a given sentence is in the Polish for English tree, any and all my opinions on whether a given construction should or shouldn't be accepted are just guestimates, nothing more – in the end, the opinion of contributors is final. ;)


FWIW, the sentence came up in the "Science" topic area, which is quite close to the bottom of the tree. It comes after the "Conditional verbs" topic area.


Napisałem : there is no society without science, and it was not right.


Where did "science" come from?

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