"Potrzebujemy więcej energii."

Translation:We need more energy.

June 20, 2016

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This is not true. We have to use less. If we want to survive on this earth.


It was true in the context of finding the Higgs boson. They couldn't do it until they were able to accelerate particles to sufficiently high energies (near the speed of light accelerating particles doesn't change their speed much but rather just give them more kinetic energy (it increases their mass)). This is the science chapter after all.

Also if we intend to continously increase the worlds population there is no limit to how scarce resources we will have to tolerate. Put in other words: however little energy (or any other resource) each one uses it will be too much at some population level.


We need to find more advanced ways to gather the energy we require. And in order to develop more efficient form of producing said energy, current forms of energy should be invested. For sure we should decrease energy generated by fossil-fuel consumption.


We do have an unlimited supply of silicium. (Sand is silicium oxide). With a surface area as big as spain filled with solar panels (they are made from mostly silicium) we have enough energy for the world. It's not a resources problem, it's a political one. Of course this solar panels should have to be placed around the world in deserts so every time of avery day there is sun shining on a part of those panels. The political issue is how to transport this energy and to whom.


And I came here for a "We need more minerals" reference....

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