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Would like to see Skill Trees

As a teacher, I'm using this great program to give my students a little extra practice (as well as the chance to win fun prizes for making the most progress weekly!)

It would be very helpful to be able to see their individual skill trees to make sure that they have completed each lesson fully. Will this feature be coming back?

January 30, 2014



Hi! This is being reworked, but I don't have a time frame. :) Everyone will be in the new design in a week or so. We can't move you back to the old design.


Perhaps a member of staff could temporarily move your account back to the old design?


Yes, it was mentioned by the Duolingo staff. The only question is when. =)


I checked my page while logged out (I have the old design normally) and it shows when I learned a skill, which will allow you to make sure they have finished each skill fully. I can't even see if my friends have completed a lesson fully on the old design.

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