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Applied for contributing to the course

Recently applied for contributing the course Hindi for English speakers. Hope I am able to get my work ASAP. Contributors, please first let me know here or at my profile page and then at My E-mail address (provided while writing the application of course contributor.

June 21, 2016



Thanks! I would apply but I'm from Pakistan so I can't write in Hindi.


تو اردو کورس کے لیے اپلائی کرو!


Thanks, I'm so looking forward to this course!


I have as well :)


Did you actually become a contributor already?


Well , my heartiest thanks to you for raising this question. It has been about 2 months ago i applied for becoming a contributor . It is a terrible shame to notify that the contributors have not yet invited me so that i can start my work. Inviting others is a need to start this work. Most of the contributors are inactive . I posted this discussion so as to notify the contributors . It seems that they think they will manage themselves but it's high time ! They need to realize that more the number of people contributing, the faster is the progress. Already millions of people are waiting for the course. hope my answer is satisfactory to you and others who have the same question in their minds.

Love and Light ,



What i recommend you do, is you could try to apply for the course one more time. I've applied for three course about 4 months ago and never got an answer. I tried yesterday once again, hoping for a satisfactory outcome! I advise you try in any case, that could not make it any worse anyway ;)


The latest status is that there are just two contributors, which is absurd. I don't understand why they don't allow others to participate.

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