"You do not want coffee."

Translation:Dwyt ti ddim eisiau coffi.

June 21, 2016



I used "dych chi" instead of "dwyt ti" and it said it was still correct. Would someone please explain the difference between the two for me? Thank you!

June 21, 2016


ti is used for individuals with whom you are on familiar terms. chi is used for all plural 'you' and for people with whom you are not familiar:

The d- prefix is always used with dwyt ti when it is part of a negative:

  • Dwyt ti ddim yn hapus - you are not happy (singular and familar)

It can also be used with dych chi.. - dydych chi ddim..., but it is often left out in the colloquial language:

  • Dydych chi ddim yn hapus - you are not happy (not familiar, or any plural)
  • Dych chi ddim yn hapus - you are not happy

So, three different possible basic ways in which 'you are not happy'...

June 21, 2016
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