"Penguins do not fly."

Translation:Pingwiny nie latają.

June 21, 2016

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Huh? I could have sworn a few questions ago "they fly" was "lecą".


"they fly" generally = "latają"

"they are flying" right now = "lecą"

If really 'they fly' accepted 'lecą', then I don't think it should've been.


How about: "Pingwiny nie fruwają?"


I totally forgot that this word exists, then I was surprised that it doesn't have its Polish Wiktionary entry - but seems non-colloquial, so we added it.


Excellent news! Thank you kindly.


"fruwać" has now its entry in the Polish as well as in the English wiktionary.


They do when you shoot them out of a cannon. :-)


When should ly use the lec- stem and when the lat- stem/


"latać" is for Present Simple (so also simply for the ability to fly), or for "to be flying without any destination, just flying around".

"lecieć" is for Present Continuous, with some destination/direction.


This is tough going...so would I say, Superman leci po wietrze? Because it happens on this one occasion?


Well, let's start with the fact that wietrze is the locative of wiatr, which means 'wind'. So, po wietrze would probably mean something like "along with the wind". And I'm not even sure if this is correct. The Polish corpus suggests that it should be z wiatrem or na wietrze.

Anyways, you probably meant 'in the air' which is 'w powietrzu'.

You can say "Leci w powietrzu" if it's happening right now and he's not just flying in circles, but has a specific direction.

You can say "Lata w powietrzu" if you are referring to his abilities, as this verb form implies repetitive/habitual action.

If he's flying around aimlessly, then I'd use the indeterminate latać again and perhaps state over which place he's flying, using the preposition 'nad'.


Thank you Alik, I know this will help me. In terms of the preposition, could one also say przez powietrze for 'through the air?'


Literally yes, but I don't know where I would use it, I'd need some example sentence in which you tried to use it this way.


Superman flies through the air (or: a bird etc... with some direction or purpose, and just now, not habitually).


I'd still go with "w powietrzu" here.

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