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Where do you send user feedback and get support?

February 26, 2012



How do I retrieve a forgotten password?


The tab in the middle left of the screen that says "feedback" is where you send feedback. As far as support, i think the "ask a question" feature may be the only way to do that.


mon statut s'affiche en arabe ,je veux qu'il s'affiche en français comment faire ?merci


@Monkapotamus Sweet, surprised I didn't notice that thanks for the help.


I have enjoyed studying French daily for several months. Just now I can't access my account because I don't remember my sign in info, which I haven't needed since I began . can you help me access it? Pat Bennett. Pmbennett@shaw.ca


Thank you. I have the French again but it is in an unfamiliar format which I don't understand


Note that the 'feedback' tab is now labelled 'Support', but still lives in the middle left of the screen.


Where would that be on an Ipad


Will not move past spiritual module on level 12


Plz add Persian language for learners.tnx


I wanted to learn English but I am a Persian speaker so I can't :'( plz add it.


A page called Introducing Gems has popped up. I cannot make it disappear, so I can get on with my courses in French, Italien and Greek. What do I do?


Vietnamese slang lesson 3 of 5 doesn't start?


It will not let continue to Food - it is grayed out. help


I have Polish Language, is there a bug on this as i have on several occasions where it does not update a lesson even when I have completed the same lesson several times For example Abstract objects 1 shows I only require to complete this once to make it go orange, I have done this today three times and still does not show as complete ..... Frustrating !!


Help! I can no longer earn gems after a successful lesson. It always tells me I have already had them for the day. I can assure you I haven't! This has happened the last few days now. I'm on day 415, and love this app more than any other. :-)


I used Duolingo on my iPad last night at 8pm and collected my rewards. I completed my goal this morning at 10am and received a message that I already had collected my rewards for today. Why not???


Perhaps the rewards are only given out after a full 24 hours has passed? If so, this is a silly restriction. We should be able to choose whatever time of the day we like.


I had that thought too. Have submitted it as a 'bug'.


Hey! Why have we lost the 'level-up' music reward - I only do it for that!! Also, I like to know how I am progressing through the levels and that has gone too.


Please may we have Catalan? Also, why has Hindi not moved for so long?? Thank you - love using Duolingo. You have helped me pass my Level 1 Dutch with merit and be able to 'delight' my Roumanian cleaners i.e. they are laughing at my terrible accent!!


Is there a 'speaking' option?


I want to learn Catalan not Spanish. I don't see it among a list of courses available - yet when I was in Spain recently [and recommended Duolingo to Spanish friends] the language was available. How can a user in the UK access the course please?


There is only a Catalan course for Spanish speakers: https://www.duolingo.com/course/ca/es/


Thank you so much El2theK. I thought at first it was related to the Appstore. A pity for my wife and I: we go to Catalonia often. In the countryside of the Cerdanya people speak Catalan - not Spanish, not French. We had wanted to do a basic course that would demonstrate, at least, respect and sociability. Best wishes.


Obviously you could try the course from Spanish, though if you don't know Spanish that would be hard.

There are also other online resources,,e.g. this website from the Catalan Department of Culture: http://www.parla.cat/pres_catalaenlinia/AppPHP/login/index.php?lang=en


Even more thanks. I'll try parla.cat this evening!


Hola pedía si en Duolingo podierais hacer clasificaciones top200 mejor clan


The sound files stopped working a couple of weeks ago, on all platforms - iPhone, iPad and laptop. Any ideas on how to contact DuoLingo and report the problem?


I’m a bit surprised that even if I had a paid membership, I can’t just keep on learning - I have to pay more to earn those tokens? Surely that’s not correct? Thanks


I think it would be awesome and very beneficial to have a set of lessons within a module that is strictly on opposites. More/less, light/dark, ceiling/floor, tall/short, etc. Example: piu e meno,


I do NOT want to create a personal profile!!!!!!! When I used the Spanish DuoLingo there was no requirement. Why now? I just want to go thru' the German lessons at my own pace, repeating until I am comfortable with the new words and grammar. So how do I skip this??


I am following a French course. But The level does not change. I am stuck between level 25 and 26 . For 144days I have been working with the same sentences, and I cannot get forward. It is tedious and not challenging at all. I really want to get on. But what do I do? Please help me!!! Jane Kirkensgaard


Check your health situation (the red heart icon within the circle at the bottom). You lose a section of the circle every time you make a mistake. To regain health, you have to re-do old lessons, and complete the circle again. It might be that which is preventing you from progressing.


Dear Duolingo, Please consider changing your font to make accent marks more legible.
Thank you!


The page with the three little treasure chests full of gems is disappearing as soon as it appears(after i reach the daily goal) so i don’t get to pick two of them. ?????


I'm trying to learn a new language, but I can't hear it speak and I've tried restarting my phone, restarting the app, uninstalling the app, and going to settings to see. Unfortunately, I still can't hear it speak.


Love Duolingo, hate the frigging owl with it's time wasting and annoying comments! Drop the owl, please!


I am still locked out from my Mandarin course. Is there anyone there! Grant Hannan.


Is there any way to learn Portuguese as it is spoken in Portugal? What you offer is spoken in Brazil. I am in Portugal at the moment and it I sounds extremely different and almost impossible to understand.


I’m fully subscribed to Duolingo for the next 6 months but today I was denied access and asked to pay again?


It would be nice if we could customize sound and color


Duolingo on my IPad is not loading and I am a Plus member.


The App is not loading on my IPad

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