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Thank you!

Dear Hebrew team,

Thank you so much for building this course and therefore giving us the possibility to learn modern Hebrew on duolingo. All your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Hebrew is the course I am most exciting for as it gives me a possibility to reconnect with my Jewish roots - and not look like a complete idiot when visiting Israel next year.

תודה רבה

June 21, 2016



אני מסכימה בכל לב.


Ditto! Thank you!


Thank you guys so much!!!!


Yes - a hearty thank you from me as well. I'm going to Israel next year and I'm looking forward to all least giving the language a shot.


I agree. Thank you so much. I've started using this to teach my children Hebrew, but they're also learning to spell in English and of course finding the keys on the keyboard is new to them. So they're learning English, Hebrew and typing (in both languages) simultaneously! (They are 5 and almost 4)


I hear no voice telling me how things are pronounced?


You should hear a voice pronouncing most of the sentences. However, as the course uses real recordings and no TTS, there are no recordings for individual words - as with all the courses that use real voices. If you want to learn the individual words, i highly recommend the Memrise course for duolingo Hebrew.

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