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Welcome Hebrew Learners

Hey guys I hope you are as excited as me, this course has finally come out and now everybody can learn Hebrew using Duolingo! Thank you course contributors for coming out with this new course, and to everybody else,


June 21, 2016


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I am geeking out.


I know, it's awesome!


גידל! אני אוהבת עברית! אני לומדת.


and I have no idea what that says. Still on the first skill ;)


How can I change to Hebrew Alphabet??


If you have Windows 10, right click on your desktop and click on 'Personalize'. From there, hit the back button on the top of the screen so that you're in 'Settings'. Once you're in the Settings menu, go to 'Time & Language' and click on that. Once you're in that menu, click on 'Region and Language.' There should be an 'Add Languages' button. Click on that and scroll through until you find the Hebrew alphabet. Click on that, and it will add the Hebrew Standard Keyboard layout to your keyboard options. That will make it so that, if you switch from your regular keyboard layout into Hebrew Standard, the keys you press will render as Hebrew characters. Also remember to download the language pack that comes with the keyboard option. Once you click on the Hebrew button in the Add Languages screen, there should be an option to download the language pack as well.

Good luck!


and don't forget Hebrew keyboard stickers: http://amzn.to/28PLm72


you saved me so much! thank you!


If you use a Mac, go to 'System Preferences' on the Apple menu. In 'Hardware,' select 'keyboard.' Select the checkbox 'Show keyboard and character viewers in menu bar.' Click on "Input sources..." Select the keyboard that you need access to (I chose Hebrew QWERTY for now... we'll see how that goes). Select the keyboards for all the languages you are studying, but don't add ones you aren't actively using.

You can now toggle between different keyboards on the main menu; there's an icon with a dropdown menu just to the left of the day and time. Be sure to try the keyboard viewer, which can be easily adjusted to the size you prefer. It's totally cool!


תודה רבה לך

[deactivated user]

    Chosen via settings. I've been checking it went live since early morning. Good stuff guys!


    When it is man, there should be two options. בחור וגבר. תיקון נחמד וקטן :)


    I am so thrilled that Hebrew has finally come out!!!!


    אני יניפר. שלום ובוקר טוב. תודה רבה!


    I do not have a Hebrew keyboard what can I do

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