"Is the dad coming?"

Translation:האבא בא?

June 21, 2016

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This is too difficult what about starting with learning letters!!!


Joanna, you must read the Tips and Notes before starting a lesson.


in android version there ars no tips


where can i find the tips?


They're available when you first start a lesson - just scroll down. Alternatively, to learn the letters, go here: https://www.memrise.com/course/1087087/hebrew-alef-bet/


Mazzorano you do the course from a cell phone or computer? ..

I say it for the theme of the kookies of the app..


And this is exactly why I choose Memrise over Duolingo any day of the week.


2020 January. like you I expected them on the Duolingo website, I left app to look at site, I dont see Tips and notes for Basics lessons.


This is what danny is referring to, using your browser (not a mobile app) on either a mobile or desktop device to go to the Duolingo website to access the Tips:

b111 rich739183


Yeah how r we gonna know how to read -_-


There is a great alphabet practice for this on tinycards.duolingo.com . I think that will help a lot. I don't think jamming the alphabet into the notes and thinking people will review them is a great solution, although I see it proposed here; the course should have more alphabet practice built in.


Yes, Cionadh:

This course should include transliteration and cursive letters.


Joanna You are right. This course needs phonetic transcripts.


How do I type in Hebrew?


Get a keyboard for it!


I have a Mac and this worked great for me: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4605950?start=0 Just be sure to use the keyboard viewer or you'll be guessing at what letter on your keyboard matches which Hebrew character.


It's also a good opportunity for learning touch typing in Hebrew!


I have been using this site to type my answers then I just copy past it into the Duolingo. http://gate2home.com/Hebrew-Keyboard


Ha aba ba. Ha is the


More audio would be nice. Most of us are still trying to learn how to pronounce things.


How was I supposed to know to add whatever that short second word was? I could recognize אבא and האבא from using them in earlier questions, and I was able to eliminate 'love' by having just seen it a moment ago, but I literally haven't been shown how to ask a question, not construct the sentence with a question word.


There's no question word here. בא is a verb meaning "to come" or "he/it comes."


I do believe this lesson is starting out on the wrong side. It's quite hard to understand what to do and how to make sense of it. Japanese on the other hand was very easy to get a hang of.


Amazon also has hebrew alphabet stickers for your keyboard for only $6 ($2 + shipping)!


I think you should allow us to hear the sentence after you get it correct. It would help me with connecting the sound to the word. Thanks. Love the app


Is the question mark not supposed to appear backwards when typing Hebrew?


No, the question mark is the same as in English


No, it's just the computers that freak out by left-to-right languages.


That's only true for Arabic :)


If you're using Windows, you can add a number of language keyboards (go to language preference settings --> region & language --> add a language --> Hebrew --> choose your keyboard preference). Be sure to put on the on-screen keyboard option while you're getting use to the keyboard.


Why does אבא become האבא ? Is the second one the nominative form or something?


The definite article ("the") in Hebrew is ה, and it is attached to the beginning noun it modifies.

Also, there's no declension for nominative/accusative/dative in Hebrew, you just use prepositions that attach to the beginning of the noun. Pretty much the only thing that could be considered declension is possessive/genitive endings for nouns being possessed by the subject or possessive pronouns.


Thank you very much! I'm a complete newbie to Hebrew (and I don't know any other Semitic languages either) and I'm still just kinda guessing how its grammar works so your comment really helps.


The letter ה at the beginning is the same as thr word "the". It means it not just any dad, it's THE dad, a specific dad.


How do you type an answer in Hebrew with an English keyboard?


What's the difference between בא and באה?


In Hebrew the form of the verb changes acoording to whether the subject is a masculine word or feminine word, so בא is the word for come/comes/is coming if the subject is masculine like father and באה is the same verb (come/comes/is coming) if the subject is a feminine word like mother or love or dove. This information is also given at the very bottom of the page in the tip section for the first skill, Letters 1. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/he/Letters-1/tips-and-notes


How am I supposed to type in Hebrew?


You can use this keyboard https://gate2home.com/Hebrew-Keyboard and copy & paste to Duolingo, or you can do a web search for how to get a Hebrew keyboard on your device. When I started, I used the link, which helped me learn where the Hebrew letters are. Now I have my computer set up so I can click at the bottom of the screen to change the keyboard to Hebrew, but of course the letters on my actual keyboard are still English, so I just have to remember which key is for which Hebrew letter.


In modern Hebrew, is it possible to swap the sentence order? It wasn't accepted.


I gather you mean the order of words in this sentence. In this particular case, no. The word order is as it should be and swapping the two words will not yield something intelligible

Independently of that, Duo currently has trouble keeping question marks in their correct place the question. They should come at the end of the questions, on the left. So look out!


cant type in hebrew


How do i transfer my English typo to hebrew?


I don't have a hebrew keyboard


What us the difference between באה and בא ? Is it conjugation?


Both mean "come" or "coming" - בא is singular masculine and באה singular feminine.


I'm using my android phone. How can i get the Hebrew keyboard? Oddly enough, the app asked me if I wanted it. I ignored the ? at that time. It never came up again. Anybody have any suggestions for using my android?


It will vary somewhat depending on what kind of phone you have, but if there isn't already a Hebrew keyboard in language and input settings (there should be, you just have to download and/or enable it) then installing swiftkey or swype will do the job, or you can try this (I've never used it).


This app is nice. However there are so much room to improve. Please consider all the possibilities of the learners as well as features. For example: one could learn how to read and listen but unnecessary to learn how to write (type). I can't be able to move forward with my basic reading and listening skills.


Learning the letter sounds first would help.


How about learning the words first


My computer does not write Hebrew.


Not a good way to elarn a completely new language, alphabet and way of reading. This is not for beginners!


so dad is coming and is dad coming are spelled the same?


Yes. In Hebrew, a statement and a question have the same word order. The difference in writing is the punctuation and in speech - intonation.


Are you serious? Is that a good way to start learning? ??


Maria, have you read the "Tips and Notes" section?


I dont have hebrew language in my phone


I gave the correct answer: האם האבא בא and it said that there was a typo, but it corrected me to as this: האב בא which is wrong, right?


The place to input this answer is messed up; it reads in two directions at one instead of the normal Hebrew order.


A website called "Memrise" does the letters. And, you can quiz yourself over & over until you're satisfied that you know them. I felt the same way as you, joanatamar, so I looked to find a way to do the letters first. It was a big help.


I dont have a hebrew keyboard so i cant even do it!!


I don't want to get a hebrew keyboard to type hebrew!


Then you're not going to get very far in this course...


You can type here https://gate2home.com/Hebrew-Keyboard and copy/paste to Duolingo.

Or...you can add a Hebrew keyboard to your regular keyboard. I don't know about others, but I didn't buy anything. I change languages by clicking on my screen. I added Hebrew & Greek, and also Spanish because I type in that language more than just on Duolingo. I can change from one to the other easily. Here is some info...if it is not what you need for your device, you can do a web search for your particular needs. https://m.wikihow.com/Add-Another-Language-to-Your-Computer-Keyboard


What does "you have a typo in your answer"?


"Typo" is short for "typographical error." You typed something wrong. For example, sometimes I mix up ח and ה , and it says I have a typo.


cant answer. no hebrew keyboard


Read the comments above for suggestions.


I dont have hebrew letters


Please read the comments above. This has been addressed. There are instructions above.


I cant type hebrew letters on my divice


Please at least read other comments before posting. There are several comments already here dealing with the issue, with helpful information.


I don't have a Hebrew keyboard, so I am stuck in an endless loop because it just keep asking the same question but I cannot type an answer in Hebrew.


Please read through the previous comments here on this page. Several people have asked the same question, and it has been answered above. Keep up the good work on your languages!


Hey guys at duo, I am enjoying the app but I encountered some difficulty. I was asked to type out an English sentence in Hebrew lettering but i don't how to go about that. How can I do that?


By downloading the Hebrew keyboard, of course.


How does one go about typing Hebrew letters is one is using English and does not have access to a Hebrew font?


Could i say: ?האם האבא בא


I don't have a Hebrew keyboard.


I typed ?בא האבא האם and Duo says Almost correct! ?בא האב האם

Actually, I typed them in the correct order, and so did Duo! I can't make them be in the right-to-left order here for some reason, not even by cutting and pasting!

Anyway, what I don’t understand is why “the dad” is spelled האב this time. Why is the last letter omitted?


They are two different words. אבא means dad/daddy, as used by children, whereas אב means father. However, Duo should accept them as interchangeable. As for why things aren't in the right order, it could be your browser, OS, keyboard settings or something else, but I will say that punctuation never wants to go to the right place when typing right-to-left, no matter how smoothly the typing of letters works.


(av)אב is more formal like father whereas (abba) אבא is more informal like dad or daddy


Typing thing is hard or else its fun learning this!


It's so hard to type


Triple hard to understand. I don't even know what to say about it.


Can the word order be reversed? That is, בא האבא?


יש פה טעות צריך לירשום "האם האבא בא" ולא האבא בא


אין פה טעות. שתי האפשרויות נכונות.

אגב, לך יש טעות. לא אומרים לירשום אלא לכתוב. או אם אתה רוצה להשתמש בפועל הזה, אז יהיה לרשום - בלי י.


I dont get this at all


Chris, what don't you get?


Wouldn't it be better to say

"Is dad coming?"

I'm just asking. It looks strange to me the use of THE in this case.


These examples tend to use more literal translations as opposed to what sounds most natural. That being said, there is no context for this sentence. We don't know that the speaker is talking about their own father. A possible reframing of the question could be: "Is the father [of person X] coming?" Example context: a schoolteacher is asking the school nurse if a parent has been called to pick up a sick student.


Lol, I like this sentence. Ha-aba ba? I started Hebrew years ago, but gave up because I didn't find the Tips and Notes. Now I did, and watched youtube videos about the alfabet for some hours, and now I feel ready.


האם preposition is wrong?


It is not a proposition. It is a question form that literally means "The if" followed by whatever query is desired. But it isn't required. You can ask simply "האבא בא" without the need for the formal query sentence format.


Isn't the interrogation mark supposed to be after is coming. Because Is coming dad doesn't make sense in any of this languages, unless you are refering to a different use of the sentence.


The placement of full stop, question mark and exclamation mark are misplaced because of programming issues with right to left direction languages.


האבא בא לחנות ששווה ארבע אז תדעו לא הבא שאבא שלכם שווה הארבע אבא


How do I change the keyboard to Hebrew letters?


You need to download the Hebrew keyboard from the language settings of your device.

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