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  5. "I want a boy."

"I want a boy."

Translation:אני רוצָה ילד.

June 21, 2016



I posted אני רוצה בן. Is this an acceptable answer, do you think?


I think that would translate as "I want a son" instead of "I want a boy". While the two are probably logically related depending on the speaker and context, it is not a direct translation


As a native Hebrew speaker, I think "אני רוצה בן" is a much more accurate translation than "אני רוצה ילד" (which can also mean a female child in case You just want children).

The thing is, in Hebrew, both "a son" and "a boy" would be translated as "בן" (a distinct word for a boy cold be "נער" but that word basically denote a male teenager.


I second that (native speaker as well) בן should be accepted here.


Frankly, i think that's the only sense in which i'm comfortable with the sentence. Ani rotzah/eh yeled = I want a child. Any other translation sounds a little perverted, i'm afraid.


Native speaker here - yes, it should be accepted.

Usually, when someone says אני רוצה ילד it implies that they want to have a child (as in Hebrew there is not a word that indicates a child without referring to its gender). So for me, if I wanted to specify that I want to have a baby boy, saying אני רוצה בן is actually BETTER than אני רוצה ילד.

If I would only wanted to say that I want to have a child, but it's not important for me whether a boy or a girl, then אני רוצה ילד is probably better.

Edit: so just to be clear, אני רוצה בן was my answer too, and I reported it (on March 29th 2017) when it was marked wrong


WTF!!!! i alsobposted אני רוצה בן and it said i was wrong!! that should be eccepted!!


ani rotzeh yéled


What about having a girl?


"I want a child"


Its much more accurate to say בן than ילד.

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